Baltic Employees – dinamic approach to staff needs –

Baltic Employees – dinamic approach to staff needs

The demand for workers can affect production or other processes. Seasonal sectors often require temporary workers who are easy to recruit.

Staff leasing allows temporary workers to be recruited quickly during periods of increased production and to reduce employment smoothly during downturns, thus eliminating the costs and risks of hiring and firing full-time workers.

What is staff leasing?

Staff leasing is an opportunity to adapt dynamically to changing staffing needs. Working with a temporary employment agency guarantees benefits not only for yourself, but also for seasonal workers. And those who have been made redundant are quickly reintegrated into other similar projects.

Staff leasing provides a flexible, fast, and unplanned way to recruit staff when production increases thus reducing the costs of recruitment and selection, human resources, payroll, and administrative services.

Whether you’re looking for seasonal staff or interested in recruiting temporary staff throughout the year, hiring staff allows your company to save.

Staff leasing is not just about savings

The main advantage of staff leasing is the elimination of significant part of the financial costs of recruiting and selecting staff. If the company has chosen this cooperation model, cost reduction is not the only benefit.

Staff leasing simplifies the process of planning recruitment costs thanks to a clear model of billing for hours worked. An additional advantage of hiring employees is the reduction of legal risks relates to the employment of foreigners and the legalization of work.

What is Baltic Employees?

„Baltic Employees“ is a recruitment service company, operating since 2017, and part of the MARINO Group of companies, which currently employs more than 3,000 people on secondment. Baltic Employees has 6 recruiting offices in Lithuania, and 4 offices in other European Union countries.

We recruit production, logistics and warehousing, automotive, food industry, wood production, order pickers and agricultural auxiliary staff.

Our project coordinators fully supervise the recruitment and selection of candidates, obtaining employment documents, human resources and payroll services, transport, and accommodation.

Baltic Employees has a network of branches across Europe and a broad candidate base from both Lithuanian and foreign markets (Latvia, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, etc.), allowing us to recruit up to several hundred people in a short time.

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